Kingston Housing Auth-Colonial Gdns


Project Description

Name of Project:   Apartment Rewiring/Lighting and Distribution Panels at Colonial Gardens

Extremely time sensitive project, all electrical upgrades were completed within 92 days. Work for EACH of the (266) OCCUPIED apartments included adding new panel boards, additional branch circuits with GFCI protection for the kitchen counter, new branch circuits containing Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI) in the bedrooms, addition of new light fixtures and 3-way light switches, addition of interconnected smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, and complete replacement of all existing light fixtures, switches and convenience receptacles.

Also included upgrading the existing main service from 600amps to 1600amps and over a thousand feet of excavation, necessary for the installation of several remote distribution panel boards needed to accommodate the additional loads resulting from the apartment upgrades.  Over 40 electricians were simultaneously employed on the job, resulting in a carefully planned and managed project that was completed well ahead of schedule and without a single incident reported!