Goshen WWTP 2

Project Description

Name of Project:   Village of Goshen WWTP Upgrade

New 2.4 MGD waste water facility. Included new primary service with pad mounted medium voltage Switchgear and transformer.  Secondary service consisted of a 3000amp custom switch board with integral automatic transfer switch.  Stand by power was accomplished through the use of (5) 200kw generators connected in parallel.  Secondary distribution consisted of several switch boards and motor control centers (MCC’s) located in various new buildings throughout the site.  Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) was accomplished through the use of multiple programmable logic controllers (PLC’s) strategically located throughout the facility.  Wireless telemetry was also used in some cases to transmit data.  AllenBradley Device NET was used to interconnect the MCC’s back to the PLC.  Careful coordination and integration with many different process skid manufacturers and vendors resulted in a state of the art, fully automated waste water treatment facility capable of running in multiple automatic and manual modes.